The Public Relations Handbook

The Public Relations Handbook is a comprehensive and invaluable guide for public relations practitioners in the 2020s and beyond, covering the multitude of skills needed in the current environment, including:

Supporting a company’s marketing and sales
Leveraging social media
Managing government relations
Working with the media effectively
Communicating with the investment community
Supporting top management in the event of a crisis or scandal
Positively positioning the company’s commitment to environmental, social, and governance issues

The Public Relations Handbook has been an indispensable guide for public relations professionals since the first edition was published in 1967. This new fifth edition explains how to navigate a far more complex and constantly changing digital world while facing new challenges in financial, economic, political, public health, and societal issues. Editor Robert L. Dilenschneider is a communications executive who has called on leading practitioners in the field to address the specific skill sets, strategies, and execution that public relations practitioners need today.

The scope of public relations is always expanding. Today’s professionals must be prepared to deal with a wide variety of people, issues, and topics. The Public Relations Handbook will help all practitioners in the field advance their personal growth, success and careers.

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