3D Dot-To-Dot Cities


Complete each color-coded puzzle, and then put on the included 3D glasses and watch street scenes and urban landscapes from illustrious cities such as New York, Amsterdam, Istanbul, and more come to life! With more than 400 dots in each puzzle, these will take you a satisfyingly long time to complete. Develop your hand-eye coordination and increase your concentration skills while you watch detailed line work pop off the page.

Clarity Mapping


Chart a course to the future you deserve. Infuse meaningful change and inspiration into each day! Author and entrepreneur Ashley LeMieux shares the powerful Clarity Mapping tool that changed her life and coaches you as to how you can use it to create a plan to accomplish your dreams. Ashley shows how we can align ourselves to our true purpose by reflecting on these questions, introduced in her book I Am Here:

• What is my intention?
. Why am I worthy?
• Who can I serve?
• What can I set down?
• Who is the truest version of myself today?

Filled with guidance on how to create a morning practice that will keep you accountable to the change you want to see, mantras to reframe your reality with your true values, and journal prompts to personalize your Clarity Map, these nourishing daily practices help encourage you on the journey to unlocking your inner power.

Creative Writing Journal


It is said that everyone has a book inside them, but setting pen to paper (or fingers to a computer keyboard!) can seem quite daunting. The Creative Writing Journal contains everything you need to get the creative juices flowing.

Inside you will find:
• More than 25 exercises to spark ideas and explore your writing style
• Tips on how to construct your work, and how to establish style and tone
• How to do research and explore the world around you for ideas
• Information on the basic rules of writing that need to be observed

With space to complete the exercises and lots of handy tips from renowned writers to inspire your thoughts, you’ll be writing away in no time!

Daily Thanks Journal


We all know that an attitude of gratitude helps each day be a little better. When times are difficult and challenges abound, having a thankful heart is the catalyst for the abundant life. Daily Thanks, by bestselling family authors Richard and Linda Eyre, is a book to keep or a book to give, filled with original poems and famous quotes about gratitude, inspiring images, and daily opportunities to record your grateful moment for even the most difficult day.

Each month features a challenge to exercise gratitude in a specific area of life, keeping an attitude of gratitude alive long after the Thanksgiving leftovers are gone. In this beautiful journal, we find the opportunity to consciously and deliberately develop our own skill to feel gratitude more deeply, and give it more freely.

Dream Big Journal


In Dream Big, bestselling author Bob Goff taught the foundational importance of

• clearly defining our dreams and ourselves;
• identifying the obstacles holding us back;
• devising specific plans for reaching goals; and
• developing the tools that will help us act on the plan.

But let’s be honest: can we really commit all of that to memory? How can we possibly clear our head space for the next big dream and the next? Bob knows this work is too important to risk having our thoughts, fears, inspirations, and strategies go off leash like a runaway dog. We need help wrangling all the wild and exciting dreams we have for our lives.

Reinforcing important themes and facets of the Dream Big Framework that lead to more clarity, courage, and blessings—every week of the year—the Dream Big Journal offers prompts, reminders, inspirations, and introspective questions excerpted from Dream Big. It empowers each of us to take our most cherished revelations about where we want to go, why, and what to do next with us as we go about our days, helping us stay motivated, focused, enthusiastic, and in close touch with what God has planned for us.

Everyday Is Epic Journal


It’s your life, in your own words.

In this one-year guided journal from artist Mary Kate McDevitt, every entry sparks creativity and self-reflection with inspiring prompts, upbeat affirmations, and interactive doodles. Chronicle big plans and budding ideas. Jot down daydreams or forecast your mood. Rate the day’s accomplishments: major, minor, or meh? With quirky humor and vibrant illustrations, every page is a celebration of the adventures, discoveries, and joys that make your life uniquely epic.

Goodbye Anxiety Journal


In today’s world, who isn’t feeling stressed? From the everyday—work, school, relationships, social media—to the unprecedented, you may often feel anxious and overwhelmed. That’s why psychologist Terri Bacow, Ph.D., developed this workbook to help you find relief with accessible and helpful writing exercises designed to diminish worries, insecurities, fears, conflicts, and stressors for your unique issues.

Learn practical, yet highly effective, coping skills developed from cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), and other scientifically-based therapy approaches to use whenever you’re feeling anxious.


– 100+ journaling prompts that offer space to write down your worries and release your anxious feelings

– 40+ CBT- and DBT-based strategies to help you challenge worry thoughts and conquer anxiety-inducing thinking patterns

– 50+ practical tools, including coping strategies and supportive statements that you can use whenever you feel anxiety starting to take hold

Say goodbye to anxiety, let go of worries, and take back your life!

Make Your Mark Journal


Do you dream about making a difference in the world? Maybe you want to help others, invent something, or create something. No matter what you do, you have the power to change things, whether it’s in your own neighborhood or somewhere else in the world. This inspiring journal is full of information about MAKERS—trailblazing, pioneering women and girls who are achieving amazing things and who will give you lots of great ideas on how to make your mark. You’ll also find quotes, and places for you to write, doodle, and draw. So get ready to spark your creativity and reach for the stars!

My 52 Lists Project: Journaling Inspiration for Kids!


This creative, fun, easy-to-use hardcover journal has 52 list prompts—one for every week of the year!

Each list is a safe space for kids to express their feelings, explore interests and hobbies, and record thoughts, hopes, and dreams. Whether your child wants to fill it out on their own or complete each list with a loved one, this journal is sure to spark great conversations and ideas.


* Self-Discovery – list your likes, dislikes, who you are now, and who you want to become.

* Practice Gratitude – list the people who brighten your day, what you’re thankful for, your favorite things, and what makes you happy.

* Cultivate Mindfulness – list how emotions feel in your body, how you’re feeling in the moment, what things make you feel calm, and what you sense when your eyes are closed.

* Build Self-Esteem – list the things that feel challenging, what your superpower is, and everything that is special to you.

* Learn Self-Love – list the ways you take care of yourself, things that make you healthy and strong, and the things that feel most like you.

* Plus: Colorful, vibrant photography and kid-friendly art and stickers!

Start anytime, this undated list journal is the perfect place for children to write, scribble, dream, and record all the special stuff that makes them who they are!

One Question A Day For You & Me


One Question a Day for You & Me is a guided journal from Aimee Chase that offers an insightful question for each day of the year, along with space for each partner to write his or her answer. By answering the same question every day for three years, couples will be able to see how their relationship evolves and intimacy deepens as they explore their hearts and minds together.

One Question a Day for You & Me: A Three-Year Journal: Daily Reflections for Couples


One Question a Day for You & Me is a guided journal from Aimee Chase that offers an insightful question for each day of the year, along with space for each partner to write his or her answer. By answering the same question every day for three years, couples will be able to see how their relationship evolves and intimacy deepens as they explore their hearts and minds together.

Questions include:

-What was the first thing that made you laugh today?
-What do you want to do together on a sunny afternoon?
-What song reminds you of your partner?
-If you could go anywhere right now, where would it be?

Our Daily Question: A Three-Year Journal for Couples


Spark daily and meaningful conversations, deepen your bond as a couple, and create a unique time capsule of your relationship by answering the 365 questions in this fun, thought-provoking guided journal for couples to share over three years.

In our frenetic, fast-paced world, it can be hard to pause long enough to notice and appreciate the little things you love about your significant other. Fortunately, Our Daily Question offers an easy and interactive guide for doing just that.

By answering each of the 365 introspective questions together on the same date each year, you will get a unique and precious picture into the development of your relationship. Some of the questions focus on your spirituality and faith journeys (When was the last time you felt God nudging you to do something?), while others are meant to capture your creativity, spirit, and sense of humor (What is something you did with your childhood friends that seems ridiculous now?). All questions spark conversations and memories that span well beyond the pages of this book.

Compare your answers from one year to the next to have a written record of your thoughts, interests, faith, and love for each other. Drop a favorite photo into the picture-frame slot in the front cover and you will have a personal keepsake to treasure forever!

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat Four-Notebook Set

Derived from Samin Nosrat’s New York Times-bestselling cookbook phenom, Salt, Fat, Acid Heat, and featuring Wendy MacNaughton’s beloved illustrations, this set of four notebooks (with an accordian folder for keepsake recipes and notes) is perfect for recording recipes, shopping lists, or simply toting about town for journaling and note-taking wherever you are.
This four-notebook set, one each for salt, fat, acid, and heat, gives fans of the “Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat” brand a unique new way to engage with Samin and Wendy’s vibrant, warm, and often funny work. The accordian folder, which fits in the box next to the notebooks, is perfect for storing recipes, notes, and momentos.
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