All Of Us

Being confronted with an unknown and completely unplanned future, Aby spends the present reminiscing on the past, some tragic, provocative, moving and consequential events that have defined her life. She has decided to move from Nigeria to the United States where she was born and as she puts the final touches to her packing, she flashes back to experiences and captures them in unbridled storytelling, weaving a tapestry of diverse events. Treasured objects remind her of how she met and struck some of her lifelong friendships particularly with Dami, her closest friend and partner in crime, their sinister and sometimes hilarious adventures together, Greg her long time lover and Ms. Maria, her landlady and love interest who reveals a shocking cultural truth about Aby.

ALL OF US brings to bear a life journey that is relatable, tugs at your heartstrings, makes you question cultural nuances, confronts sexuality, examines relationships while you identify with each character’s life experience.



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