Your Starter Kitchen

Kitchen gadgets. Spices. Pots and pans. It always seems you have either too much stuff in your kitchen—or not enough! How do you know what equipment and food items you really need, versus what you can safely do without? And how do you organize and store it all?

Your Starter Kitchen is a highly practical guide to how to equip, stock, and cook in your kitchen—without breaking the bank. Filled with information on what supplies you really need, and which you don’t, this book will help you declutter a busy kitchen, or stock up a new one if you’re just starting out on your own.

Learn how to:
-Use all the essential utensils everyone should have in their kitchen, from knives to Dutch ovens
-Determine which gadgets and high-end items you should splurge on—and which ones you shouldn’t
-Buy budget-friendly and healthy ingredients that have a long shelf life for the pantry
-Get creative with your kitchen storage and organization if you have limited space
-Start cooking and baking in your kitchen with simple and delicious recipes
-And so much more!

So, whether you have a college dorm kitchen, small or tiny house, or are moving into your forever home and want to pick up any cookbook with confidence, Your Starter Kitchen is the perfect book for you.

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