Unreasonable Success

Successful people typically don’t plan their success. Instead they develop a unique philosophy or attitude that works for them. They stumble across strategies which are shortcuts to success, and latch onto them. Events hand them opportunities they could not have anticipated. Often their peers with equal or greater talent fail while they succeed. It is too easy to attribute success to inherent, unstoppable genius.
Bestselling author and serial entrepreneur Richard Koch charts a map of success, identifying the nine key attitudes and strategies can propel anyone to new heights of accomplishment:
– Self-belief
– Olympian Expectations
– Transforming Experiences
– One Breakthrough Achievement
– Make Your Own Trail
– Find and Drive Your Personal Vehicle
– Thrive on Setbacks
– Acquire Unique Intuition
– Distort Reality

With this book, you can embark on a journey towards a new, unreasonably successful future.



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