The Power of Reputation

Success is built on a foundation of character, communication, and trust. To accomplish our goals, people must believe in us. The Power of Reputation offers businesspeople an action plan for creating the kind of reputation that generates trust, inspires confidence, and provides a professional advantage. As a professor and public relations professional, author Chris Komisarjevsky shares his acute awareness of the importance of reputation with readers by imparting personal stories from his years of experience as well as sharing interviews with distinguished business leaders. You’ll learn how to identify and reinforce the values behind your reputation, earn respect by respecting others, engage people through constructive and open communication, and build strong connections by personalizing your approach to everything you do.We judge people in business the same way we judge those in our personal lives. We listen to what they say, watch how they behave, and take note of the results of their actions. Using instructive real-world examples, The Power of Reputation reveals how to leverage the remarkable power of a reputation at work that’s rooted in authenticity.

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