The Christian Entrepreneur: Dream, Plan, Execute, Grow

The road to launching a successful business can be long and confusing. Where do you start? Should you rent office space or work out of your garage? Should you register as a for-profit or a nonprofit business? How should you handle legal issues that come up? What does it mean to be a “Christian” entrepreneur anyway?

Drawing from his work as a legal expert and business coach, Brock Shinen combines practical wisdom and a biblical worldview to help Christians turn their dreams and passions into viable businesses. This easy-to-use guide includes self-assessment tools that will walk you through four stages of starting and running a business:

-Assess and clarify your dreams
-Turn those dreams into an actionable plan
-Implement and execute your vision
-Grow your business while keeping your faith and character at the center

Be inspired and encouraged as The Christian Entrepreneur helps you through every stage of your journey.



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