Super Foods

Over 80 superfood entries updated with the latest health research discoveries.

Since this comprehensive reference was first published, major studies have reinforced the importance and potential value of obtaining nutrients from foods rather than supplements. Many of the studies have discovered previously unknown health benefits of great significance, such as a reduced risk for dementia with the consumption of blueberries.

In all, over 80 entries in this new edition have had their “Healthy Evidence” section updated to reflect the outcome of major reputable medical studies, including:

Garlic supplements are beneficial for cirrhosis patients
Cherries will lessen the frequency of gout attacks
Soybean consumption is effective in lowering cholesterol
Kale inhibits the growth of human colon cancer cells
Studies have also confirmed that Chia seed is a superfood for its protective effects against heart disease.

Superfoods is organized in broad categories: Vegetables; Mushrooms; Legumes; Fruits; Nuts and Oils; Herbs and Spices; Grains; Meat, Seafood, and Dairy; Beverages and Treats; and Nutritional Supplements. Each entry notes the food’s origin, its seasonal availability and nutritional values, tips on how to add it to an eating plan and how to optimize its nutrients and phytochemicals.

Nutrient breakdowns are derived from the USDA’s Nutrient Database, and “The Healthy Evidence” refers to published peer-reviewed studies available from the US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health database. The book closes with Nutritional Tables, a quick-reference guide to the nutritional content of the “superfoods” listed in the book. Star ratings indicate the most notable nutrients in each superfood. With Superfoods, readers will get the most nutritional bang for their buck.

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