Re-Discovering Faith

In Rediscovering Faith, Dr. Myles Munroe strips away misconceptions surrounding faith and reveals the nature, character, and power of true faith.

True Kingdom faith:

Trusts not in the promises of God, but in the God who promises.
Seeks not the blessings of God, but the God who blesses.
This is the triumphant faith that overcomes the world of bad economic times, health problems, fleshly desires, and whatever else satan throws at you.

As author and pastor Myles Munroe says, “There are questions in life we can never answer. First you must settle that, because if you don’t come to that conclusion you will always be depressed. I decided that over 30 years ago so that’s why I have no depression. I have no problems. I have no frustrations in my life.”

I am not saying this because I need something now. I have learned to be satisfied in any situation (Philippians 4:11 PEB).

Learn from a respected and faithful servant of God how you too can live a life of contentment—no matter what.



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