Native Tales: A Collection of Short Stories

In Olamidé Adams’ Native Tales: A Collection of Short Stories, a spinster in Iliya must dance bare in the market square to save the king from dying; an unlikely but kind young boy got mysterious strength, during a wrestling bout, to defeat and crush the pride of a feared wrestler in Agbor; a drummer learnt to take care of his magical talking drum and together, they saved the land of Ibadan from a dispute that almost divided the kingdom; a young and brave girl in the land of Igbeyinadun journeyed where no man had succeeded in quest of a remedy to heal her sick mother and one of two childhood friends from Esanogbogun remained faithful to their years-long-amity unlike the other who was selfish and eventually got paid in his own coin.

All these stories resonate the value that hallmarks heroes, selflessness in service to others.




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