Log Off Workbook

14 days is all you need to reset your relationship with your phone, spend less time on social media, and spend more of your free time on the things you love IRL with this digital minimalism workbook.

Studies show that a life spent offline is a happier and healthier one but we know that breaking up with your phone is hard to do. Enter Sammy Nickalls and her life-affirming digital minimalism workbook. It’s the perfect companion to all those digital detoxing and digital minimalism books you may have recently read. Within the pages of this workbook, you’ll find the pathway to creating a healthy relationship with your phone:

– Quizzes – figure out if you’re too online and what kind of digital minimalist you are
– Tips & Tricks – ways to cut down on screen time, how to get started, how to use social media without the #FOMO, and how to stop interrupting your sleep
– Guided Journaling Prompts – identify your top internet stressors and figure out ways to spend your time IRL
– Challenges – a guided 14-day digital detox
– Daily Trackers – mindfulness exercises and reflection prompts
– App Recommendations – declutter your home screen and build your logging-off toolbox!

When you Log Off, you’ll reconnect with yourself, focus on your in-person connections, gain a happier outlook, and transform your life!

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