Dummy To Diva

Many of us live by repeating the same arduous cycle every day. We look forward to the weekend, a break from the incessant nature of the world around us. You may have become numb to your ambitions or never had the will to follow them in the first place. Are you truly happy with how you spend your only chance to roam this earth?

Dummy to Diva is a revolutionary guide to grasping your life by the collar, creating an Iron confidence that cannot be bent and taking your first courageous steps onto your chosen career path. Author Faith History flawlessly blends her personal experiences—plus relevant factual teachings—and injects them with a big boost of YOU-CAN-DO-IT energy, hotter than the fire of any star.

This workbook guide will give you newfound self-esteem and skills that will reflect in your assertiveness and change your outlook forever.



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