Brand Aid

A catchy business name and a smart logo may get you a few clicks, but to create a sustaining image for your organization and build continual success will require the perfect branding statement. The essence of an organization begins with establishing its brand; therefore, it is essential to get it right.

With over 30 years of experience building world-class brands, branding expert Brad Vanauken covers topics ranging from research and positioning to brand equity management and architecture strategy. This invaluable guide has collected illuminating case studies, best practices, and the latest research to offer invaluable advice on every aspect of brand management, including:

-The 6 most powerful sources of brand differentiation
-5 elements that trigger brand insistence
-Turning brand strategy into advertising
-Online branding
-Social responsibility, sustainability, and storytelling
-60 nontraditional marketing techniques

An organization cannot afford to get their branding wrong. With the treasure trove of techniques, templates, and rules of thumb found in Brand Aid, it won’t!



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