Thomas Nelson

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Snow White: Reading with Phonics


Reading with Phonics is a set of new reading books designed to develop the confidence of young children between the ages of five and seven.

The books are aimed at children who can read a little, but who need lively yet structured books to help them develop their skills further, focusing particularly on phonics. Using a familiar tale, the entertaining, rhyming text complements the child’s more formal learning.

Current developments in the teaching of phonics and reading guide the range of activities at the end of each book. A page at the beginning of each book helps adults to understand how best to use the book with the child. At the end of each book, a number of different activities reinforce the key sounds from the book. Activities include rhyming words, key sound pages, the way letters work together, sight words, and a picture dictionary.

To further aid phonic learning, the key sound of each book is highlighted throughout the story in red letters, helping children to focus on the different ways to spell each sound.

Clare Fennell’s charming, whimsical illustrations bring these simple stories to life by delighting and engaging young minds.

Susie the Sapphire Fairy


Meet Susie, owner of Sparkle Town’s Sapphire Riding School! Susie loves using her sapphire wand to create new sports equipment for the fairies and unicorns at the Riding School. When Fairy Land’s Glitter Games come to Sparkle Town, Susie wants to win at all costs – even if it means not listening to her friends! Can the fairies work together to win, or will it all fall apart?

Beautiful illustrations and funny, rhyming text makes this story a delight to read with one child or with a group.