John Michael Talbot

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Exploring The Gifts Of The Spirit


Spiritual gifts are more than just ancient wisdom to be studied. They are practical components of our everyday lives.

Famed songwriter and musician John Michael Talbot—an early proponent of the unified Charismatic and Catholic movement –weaves together prayer, biblical teaching, songs, and contemplative thought to examine the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Chapters focus on:

-Speaking in tongues and its interpretation
-Healing and the divine power of the body, soul, and spirit
-Prophecy and being empowered to show God’s truth
-Miracles and other supernatural interventions
-Discernment and the types of spirits

Written in a personal, compelling tone, Exploring the Gifts of the Spirit presents ancient wisdom with an accessible, down-to-earth, practical approach. Talbot skillfully introduces readers to wisdom from varied saints and Church leaders, biblical studies, theology, and church history, helping believers moor their spiritual experience to God’s truth.