Gbemi Shasore

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The Money People


Money is more than just a medium of exchange; it is an important part of a country’s national identity. While many are aware of the use of barter, cowries and manillas for trading in the olden days, there are other early currencies that will come as a surprise to this generation, including hoes, iron bars, sticks, cloth and even feathers.

The kobo coin has been devalued over time due to inflation but, like the naira, it has a fascinating history.

The Money People gives a visual and comprehensive history of money, a factual summary of a branch of Nigerian history. It chronicles the history of money in Nigeria, the pre-colonial era of barter to the digital era of electronic banking.

The Money People explores the backgrounds of the national heroes and their contribution to the nation, which remains their legacy, and also examines the symbols commemorated on our past and present currencies.