Feyi Aina

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Princess Ayanfe’s only duty is to marry the Prince of Irefa, buy the land of Agbo Ode the sea routes and make her father happy. Love has no place where duty is concerned, and princesses are for nothing more than marital alliances. When information reaches her that an accused man might just be innocent, she goes against the laid-down laws of their land to investigate the truth. She hopes that she can save his life but her desire to do this will mean defying the king and upsetting the tribunal council of wise men.

It however will allow her to spend time with Captain Dehinde, a man for whom she has developed affection. Perhaps he can be persuaded to love her back, enough to damn all the consequences and save her from an impending marriage. Perhaps they will find the real culprit. This story follows two courageous people in love, and their search for truth in a land where the word of the Tribunal Council is the law and a questionable truth potion decides who lives or dies.