E.C Osondu

Author's books

Voice Of America


This collection of vivid, compulsively readable stories marks the debut of Nigerian author E.C. Osondu, winner of the 2009 Caine Prize for African Writing. In the tradition of Wole Soyinka, Nadine Gordimer, J.M. Coetzee, and Chinua Achebe (all patrons of the Caine Prize), Osondu’s stories are wise, soul-stirring, and deeply compelling. In electrifying prose, he articulate the struggles of Nigerian immigrants in America, and refugees, villagers, and ex-patriots in Africa. Voice of America marks the beginning for a brave and remarkable new voice in African Literature.

When The Sky Is Ready, The Stars Will Appear


The yearnings of a young and restless orphan are ignited when an enigmatic drifter named Bros returns to Gulu Station from Rome, laden with gifts and the allure of other places. The orphan longs for escape too, for life to have meaning and so the whole village can look up to him.

When soldiers from the Seven Men Army descend on Gulu Station scouting for recruits, the young men of the village must face conscription or flee. Armed with little more than stories told to him by Bros, the narrator takes his first step towards realising his dreams. But how prepared is he for the perils of the desert and the sea that lie between him and Rome?

When the Sky is Ready The Stars Shall Appear is a compelling tale of a young man’s journey towards Rome in search of a better life.