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Career success has never happened overnight. Whether the economy is blossoming and filled with hope and potential or fragile and inducing worldwide trepidation, you can still be confident in your big-picture path to success.

Trust the trajectory that has been laid out just for you! Too often, people focus on the short term–mere survival–because they remain caught between a fear of failure and a desire for instant success, which results in their not only limiting the risks they take but also limiting their opportunities. Because as much as they want to get ahead, they simply can’t see how to get there. They don’t see how their current position is not merely a dead-end trap but actually a springboard to their next position–or even the one after that.

Business author David Van Rooy wants readers to know that the key is to have faith in your trajectory. He says that each and every person has their own career path–and this timely and refreshingly practical book presents seven strategies designed to help anyone create and manage theirs.

Readers of Trajectory will discover how to: • Make the most of feedback • Avoid stagnation and break through plateaus:
• Achieve growth through failure
• Move to the front of the pack through persistence
• Continuously develop both “soft” and “hard” professional skills
• And much more

You don’t need to start over! Just discover where you currently are on your career trajectory. From building relationships with mentors, to positioning (and repositioning) yourself for promotion, this essential guide provides the tools you need for a lifetime of advancement.